Devotion Download Full Game PC For Free

Devotion Download Full Game PC For Free

Devotion PC Game is a first-person atmospheric horror game that depicts the life of a family clouded by religious beliefs. Explore an apartment complex in Taiwan as if you were lost in time, which gradually turns into a hellish nightmare. Dive into the promises of each family member and see their commitment. You question the place you used to call “home”, noticing how it changes with every movement of your gaze, worrying as your surroundings cross a great chasm. By scrutinizing each memory and uncovering the layers of each secret, you may find the disturbing truth buried within this house about the people who lived here. From the creators of the IndieCade Journey Award-winning Detention, Red Candle Games brings you a story inspired by East Asian popular culture. Trials Of Mana

Devotion PC Game Download CPY

Devotion Full Game PC Players control Du Feng Yu’s most disturbing scenario through an apartment complex in Taipei, whose rooms represent the different years of the Du family’s life. Screenwriter Feng Yu’s career came to an abrupt halt when Mei Shin began showing signs of a mysterious illness. As the family’s financial situation deteriorates, Li Fang often discusses with Feng Yu whether he should retire to support the family. A woman watches her husband slowly go mad. Things get even worse for the daughter and the main character decides to douse the girl in the bathroom with rice wine and leave her there for seven days. You question the place you used to call “home,” noticing how it changes with every shift of your gaze, uneasy as your surroundings cross a great chasm.


Devotion CODEX You enter your apartment, music is playing, and an idol is on the TV. You question the place you used to call home, noticing that it morphs with every change of view, you worry as your Devotion RELOADED environment covers an unusual chasm. As you go through each memory, uncovering each layer of mystery, you may find the disturbing truth buried in this house about the people who lived here. By sifting through every memory and uncovering the layers of every secret, you may find the disturbing truth buried within this house about the people who lived here.

Throughout the segment, Feng Yu explores his apartment, constantly changing before our very eyes. Each updated version of the house reflects a specific year in the family’s life. As you move through the plot, you will have to solve many puzzles and mysteries revealing the past of a once-happy family. The story of Devotion begins when Gong Li Fang decides to end her acting career for the sake of her newborn daughter. The girl shows interest in singing, but the family’s financial situation leads to complete bankruptcy, and in addition, Du Mei Shen falls ill and loses her voice. Doctors find no health problems, so Feng Yu turns to a religious cult for help. BioMutant


Story-Driven Gameplay:

  • “Devotion” is a narrative-focused game, where the storyline takes center stage. The game unravels a gripping tale of a family in Taiwan and explores themes of parental love, sacrifice, and supernatural elements.

Atmospheric Setting:

  • The game is set in a 1980s Taiwanese apartment complex. It masterfully creates an eerie and haunting atmosphere, using sound design, visuals, and ambient effects to heighten the player’s sense of unease and suspense.

Environmental Storytelling:

  • “Devotion” employs environmental storytelling, where the environment and in-game objects subtly reveal aspects of the narrative, history, and characters’ backgrounds. Players must observe and piece together clues to understand the full story.

Puzzle Solving:

  • Throughout the game, players encounter various puzzles and riddles that challenge their wits. These puzzles are intricately designed and often tie directly into the narrative, creating a more immersive experience.

Horror Elements:

  • The game features psychological horror elements, relying on tension, suspense, and psychological tricks to terrify players rather than relying solely on jump scares. This approach intensifies the emotional impact and contributes to a lasting impression.

Detailed Graphics and Art Design:

  • “Devotion” showcases a visually striking 3D environment with meticulous attention to detail. The art design complements the game’s narrative and horror elements, creating an unsettling and memorable experience.

Rich Sound Design:

  • Sound plays a crucial role in building the game’s atmosphere. The haunting soundtrack, chilling sound effects, and subtle ambient noises contribute significantly to the player’s immersion and sense of dread.

Exploration and Backtracking:

  • Players navigate through the apartment complex, exploring various rooms and hallways. Backtracking through previously explored areas is common, as some events and puzzles are interconnected.

Devotion System Requirements:

  • CPU: Intel Core i5.
  • RAM: 8 GB.
  • OS: Windows 8/10 64-bit.
  • Video CARD: NVIDIA GeForce GTX 960.
  • PIXEL SHADER: 5.1.

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